Venue & directions

The conference will take place at the Institut Menorquí d’Estudis in Mahon (or Maó, in Catalan), the capital city of Menorca, which is home to stunningly beautiful nature.

How to reach Maó

Menorca is an island located at a stone’s throw from Barcelona.

The simplest way to reach Menorca is by plane. The airline Vueling runs more than 10 direct flights per day between Barcelona (BCN) and Mahon (MAH), with a flight time of less than one hour. During the summer season, many other companies run direct flights from different European cities. Detailed flight schedules may be found on usual search engines (e.g., SkyScanner or Kayak).

The airport of Maó is only 5 km away from the city. The distance may be easily covered by a quick taxi ride.

It is also possible to reach Maó by ferry. The overnight cruise from Barcelona takes approximately 7 hours.

Address of the conference venue

Institut Menorquí d’Estudis
Camí des Castell, 28
07702 Maó (Illes Balears)
Tel. (+34) 971 351500

Some pictures of Menorca